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to view friend requests, open your friends list by clicking friends on your profile.

to edit your info, click info on your profile and click edit (you can also change your status here, relationship stuff, age, and username (not login name)

messages and friend requests do not appear in notifications at this time. ALSO any and all new pictures that you add will automatically appear as not viewable to others (other than your first picture)

Please check this Page for more information.

and check out this page if you need technical help with the site, i.e. Lost password, site info, Email, and other info.

Please refer to this page here for information on what NOT to do on the site (based on real examples on MaiOtaku)

and please refer to this page here for more indepth information on what NOT to do on the site.


  • Treat all members with the same respect you expect from them.
  • Do not feed trolls. Report their posts and move on.
  • No soliciting, phishing, spamming or harassing posts are tolerated.
  • Do not ask for naked photos of other members or post lewd photos to other members.  (No nudity (pictures of yourself, someone else, images of fictional characters are OK to post) in publicly visible areas (forums, profiles, and any others that may be added at a future date). If the recipient is okay with that, it may only be done through private messages, or off-site communications. It is also not allowed to send nude pictures of yourself to a minor or as a minor. this will result in a perma-ban.
  • Rumors or gossip are treated very seriously and likely could result in a ban.
  • Do not Threaten users or sexually harass users this results in an IP ban and account deletion.
  • Do not Insult other users, especially not the Moderators.
  • Do not make another account if you are banned.

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