These are examples on how people can get banned

note that per circumstance Admins opinion and decision is final, no arguing it. if admin makes a choice, or says to do something, thats it. Admin thinks things out and is thorough, looking to the heart of the situation and banning as the situation merits. (ie if a flame war starts, the fire started will get a ban, and the participants would get a warning. or if a troll causes people to rage, the troll gets a ban, and the victims get a warning if needed) for more examples please visit this page with in-depth instances of how users were banned Banned users, what to know and to look out for

specifics (first time offenders wll get whats in the brackets)

Abusing the report system (1 day ban)

using someones full name without their permission (more importantly any admins name) (1 day ban)

disrespecting other members (warning if its in retaliation, but if you start it it could and can be a 1 day ban) (if a member says stop, then stop, or else this merits a 3 day ban)

over excessively being offended and arguing (1 day ban)

Flirting or trying to get with other members who are underage (PERMABAN)

asking for nudes or sending nudes to someone who doesnt want them  (permaban)

Trolling, hating on others and or starting flame wars (3 day ban)

spamming links and running a phishing scam (permaban)

threatening members (3 days to a week, or could be a permaban)

ganging up on members for their interests or purposly singling out members and taking jabs at them (3 day ban)

not listening to admin and offending again (permaban, or a 3 day ban)

being overly bothersome to the admins (warning/tempban of admins choosing)

Circumventing a ban by making another account (permaban)

lying to admins and fraudulence, aka setting people up, or trying to cover yourself and hide your actions (either by lying or redirection) (1-3 day ban)

Posting Off Topic Posts out side of the Spam Section "Random Chatter" (unknown at this time, estimated to be anywhere between 1-3 days)